The purpose of political parties usually is to influence government to implement policies of the party. The purpose is getting into and staying in power.

Political parties mirror society as it is.

“Normal” Parties have a “steering committee” or something similar at the top, elected party members next then the regular party members.

Conventions give the illusion to the individual party members that they have the power. Topics are decided beforehand by smaller groups and committees. The structure is pyramidal.

 People disagreeing face expulsion and loss of party membership if they do not stick to the party line. Once in power, original goals lose their importance.

Leaders get co-opted and corrupted with political parties keeping the current system functional giving the illusion that people have a say.

Parties split society along party lines the same as religions and ideologies split society along belief lines.

Political parties are completely unfit to solve problems to the system where they exist. They never will because they are inherently incapable of changing the control levels meta to them.

Initiatives against this or that or to save this or that. focus on a single issue not addressing the array of other problems that are present. If they are lucky, they reach their goal- let’s say to prevent the construction of a motorway. Then their purpose is fulfilled and they disappear. If they do not reach their goal they disappear out of frustration of the people involved.

Representative voting makes people feel as if they’re given a choice. Voting validates the sucker, the slave and the conquered person to themselves.

The sucker feels as if he’s accomplished something valuable.

The slave was allowed to choose a new master, and therefore, must not be a slave.

The conquered person is thrown a table scrap, making him appear less conquered.

Ultimately, voting placates those who are ground under. Modern countries without voting, revolt. Unrest and radicalism exist in the medium of extreme poverty and gross social imbalances.

Americans believe they aren’t directly peasants even as they are indirectly.

Those running the show don’t want a revolt. It isn’t profitable.

The vote exists to give legitimacy to the veneer of a free society; the illusion of choice. We must be given the feeling as if we are controlling their own destiny because we have been brainwashed to believe we are free people. In the end the representatives do what they want.

Politicians are the last group that will initiate any action towards resolving any needed change.

If we expect politicians to do what the population can’t do, that is think further than the next election as opposed to thinking about what has caused us to come to the brink, there is no hope that we can resolve the ongoing calamities.

Politics act as a buffer and scapegoat should the host rise to destroy the Pyrasite Nests. The first step to understanding representative voting is to get past the surrounding emotional manipulation.

These kinds of messages are all used as emotional justifications for voting. They’re emotional pleas by which people become emotionally invested in voting.

  • Doing your duty

  • Participating in your government

  • Seeing what society really wants

  • Making your voice heard

  • Creating the kind of society you want