set of rules of engagement called the Open Enterprise Governance model.

the open enterprise model offers a new way of working together that is decentralized and dynamic.

We are replacing the command and control hierarchy with a collaborate and co-create model.

In this new political party model, there are different levels of engagement with a manifeststream.

What are the levels of engagement?

There are 3 levels of engagement with a manifest-stream:

  • contributor
  • member 
  • core team.

The core team take responsibility for the success of the Party and assumes whatever they are capable of achieving, with the help of the total Party.

sContributors have completed a manifeststream.

Anyone can become a contributor; no specific skill requirements and no selection process.

Step one to becoming a contributor

sYou might do this by

sadding new ideas to Work Streams

sparticipating in the discussion: commenting on Work Items, and in the forums

sstarting or joining Work Items

sproviding feedback

sinforming the organization of strengths and weaknesses from a new user perspective

skeeping the group accountable to its mission and values

sproviding moral support (a ‘thank you’ goes a long way

ssupporting other users

sContributors are welcome to participate as much as possible.